When digital technology was introduced to us years ago, IT technicians use to tell us “If you are having a problem with your computer, just turn it off and reboot it!”

And when we did, it typically took care of any issue we had!

Well, now it’s the Olympic Movement’s turn to “reboot” with plenty of upside for all involved.

With the Games still nearly 15 months away, this allows all stakeholders (i.e. NOCs, International Federations, Broadcasters, Authorized Ticket Resellers) to essentially learn and benefit from what they have planned and prepared to date for a 2020 Olympic Games.

An opportunity that likely will never be afforded again in the history of the Olympic Games!

While the initial reaction of the postponement from most was of disappointment, particularly athletes, spectators and the organizing committee, everyone has now accepted a 2021 version of the Games.

Especially athletes who were injured and now have a chance to fully recover and be better prepared for the Games.

However, there will be some athletes who were peaking for 2020 and may not be able to maintain their competitive edge for another year which will be unfortunate.   Hopefully not that many athletes but there will be impacted but suspect there will be a few.

Nonetheless the Tokyo 2020 postponement to 2021 will likely make the Games that much better for all client groups and they were already on schedule to be the best-ever Games!

I am probably a bit bias since I have personally traveled to Tokyo and Japan dozens of times over the past four decades.

I have also attended or have been part of 19 Olympic Games and the Japanese will certainly host a memorable experience for everyone that are able to attend the Games (which we highly encourage!).

And they will be working in tandem with a very-athlete oriented International Olympic Committee led by its President and Olympic gold medalist Thomas Bach to guarantee a successful event.

Of course there will be naysayers who are still concerned about the current global pandemic, but if there was ever an organizing committee and city than can trust its hopes over its fears, it would be Tokyo 2020 and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

And from what I understand, Cartan is doing its part to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all of its clients and customers.

Not only to enjoy the Games themselves but being able to arrange for everyone to enjoy the beauty and serenity of Tokyo and Tokyo Bay.

In fact, there is so much to do in Tokyo that when I return for the Games in 2021, I suspect my tourist visa will expire before I can finish exploring and experiencing the city and surrounding areas such as Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Yokohama and Tachikawa!

While we all wait for the 2021 version of the event schedule to be announced, which hopefully will be sometime in June, it’s time to plan your opportunity of a lifetime now and I hope to see everyone there!

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