Eastern Canada by Rail

Eastern Canada

The Eastern Canada tours comprise of Ontario and Quebec.  There are a number of tours that focus entirely on one or the other province while others have a little of each and some even venture out to Atlantic Canada.


In Ontario locations be sure to visit Canada’s largest city, an eclectic city!  Museums, shopping, cuisine, and entertainment abound.  Always something exciting happening all year round.  Festivals, sports, theater! Niagara Falls is nearby and it’s not just the Falls that bring people here, there are lovely gardens, museums, and get a different perspective of the falls by viewing them from above, a boat ride up close, or walk behind the falls.  See them during the day and then come back at night for the light show.  See them in the Summer with everything in full bloom or for a totally different aspect, see them when they are frozen over in winter.  Ottawa is Canada’s National capitol.  Many of the national museums can be found here, and don’t miss a tour of the Parliment buildings or a walk along the Rideau Canal.  Just across the river is Quebec!


Known as La Belle Province, it sure owns up to it’s name.  Montreal is a modern city with old world charm.  You can get around the city without every going outside, that’s how good the metro system and under ground system is.  Quebec City is SO charming.  Quaint street cafes line the streets where horse and buggy tours show tourists around.  Located high above the St. Laurent River, where you should consider a train ride to Charlevoix and do some whale watching.  A little wine and cheese and you just might think you are somewhere in France!





Toronto, Niagara Falls, Kingston, and Ottawa.  Quebec destinations include: Montreal, Quebec City, Charlevoix and Mt. Tremblant.

Ottawa city skyline at sunrise in the morning over river with urban historical buildings and colorful cloud

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